For next week-

Ahoy sailors,

As part of our brief foray into some human rights issues, I have posted several links and articles below for you to review and for us to discuss in class. For ALL classes both first and second language. Please read and print the articles, watch the clips, and draft a brief response to each discussion question. Your responses to the questions should be in bullet point format.

IVF Treatment and Reproductive Rights:

Watch this and read the article. Which side do you agree with? Can IVF result in an upsurge of “designer babies”?

Did Brittney Maynard have the right to decide when she was going to die? Do you agree or disagree with her decision?:

Do people have a right to decide when and how they are going to die? How do religious communities feel about this?

Second Year, Second Language

For Next Week:

The Human Rights Packet is downstairs, ripe for the copying. This will be the last thing we do this year, aside from our final review. Please copy the packet and bring it to class with the exercises completed. There are fewer exercises as in previous packets, so I expect you to complete this without an issue.


Attendance has been…well, atrocious. This is all well and good, however, I should stress that if you do not complete the vocabulary, and are not in class to learn the difference between certain words and phrases, and what is going to be on the exam, you will not pass. Period. This is your choice, as you are adults and can decide whether or not this is a priority.

First Language:

You guys need only to continue working on the vocabulary, and to please come to class equipped to discuss IVF and Assisted Suicide, amongst other human rights issues. Similarly, attendance has been a bit lower this week, although not apocalyptic. I understand your study schedule, and your review, but again these last few classes are essential to passing your exam and in gaining the confidence to master your oral exams as well. So attendance is…preferable…to not being..preferable.

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs to Focus On:

*Please look at my example sentences, and write one example sentence of your own for each word. Bring them into class next week for us to workshop.

  • On the dole/ After the factory closed and laid off most of their employees, Joe was on the dole for a year before getting a job. 
  • To be a hitch/ Our car broke down on the way to the concert, putting a bit of a hitch in our evening plans. 
  • To lose your nerve/ At first the presentation was going very well, but I lost my nerve after seeing someone in the back laughing and pointing at me. 
  • Muck-raking/ Once the election started the muck-raking started getting out of control with each paper publishing more dirt on the candidates than the next. 
  • To fend for yourself/ After her father died at a young age, Katniss Everdeen had to learn to fend for herself in the wilderness, hunting, fishing and gathering food. 
  • To hold a grudge/ I’m not saying I don’t like her, I just hold a bit of a grudge against her for not coming to my birthday party last year because she had a “prior commitment.”
  • Blatant/ Her blatant disregard for the instructor’s attendance policy resulted in her missing too many classes to sit the exam at the end of the year. 
  • Onus/ Trying to put the onus on someone else for your own bad decisions is really cowardly and dishonest. 
  • To weight possible outcomes/ We weighed all possible outcomes and it just doesn’t seem like it would be right for us to move out of the flat at this time. 


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