For This Week

Second Year, Second Language: 

Okay first of all, attendance has been utterly abysmal this last week. If there was ever a time to be absent, it has passed, and your exam review is upon us- therefore being here for the month of May is of the utmost importance if you hope to pass your exam. Because of extreme absences, class cancellations in lieu of absences, etc. we are more behind- so that means this week, all of your lovely, lovely selves will be there bright and early Monday morning with your media packets completed and ready to go over. If you are not I will come to your house and find you. Or maybe just embarrass you a bit. If you do not have your media packet yet, your far behind the gun, so copy it and get ‘er done! So our rough schedule for the month of May, is to spend the next few sessions going over media packets and human rights vocabulary. I will give you some extra time within our class session to actually work on the packets, as we are all trying to catch up. Then, towards the end of May we will begin doing mock oral examinations. This is nothing to be alarmed about, we’ve been doing partner and group discussions all year. But it will be good for you to practice the format of it in a low-pressure situation, so you get comfortable. Then in June we will have one last examination review session, as a makeup class which we will schedule on our own time.

If you haven’t seen this, it is funny:

Second Year, First Language: 

Ok guys. We have a bit more formidable task at hand, as we have a decent amount of content to get through in the coming weeks. In light of this, I’ve decided we will spend the next two sessions both going over and doing in-class work. You will be responsible for completing the rest of Vince (3 and 5) and McCarthy (whatever we have not gone over) in addition to:

  • Tests in English – Thematic Vocabulary (M. Misztal): chapter 5, 12

So this week we will go over this material for half the class, and the other half we will just have work time, and you can ask me questions while I circulate the room. This will be a more productive use of our class session, and give you some more time to dig into this vocabulary. This is how we will spend the next few weeks, then at the end of May we will begin doing mock oral examinations at the beginning and end of class to get us prepared for the oral portion. I’m quite confident in your ability here, as we have been having fruitful group and partner discussions all year, but again, it won’t hurt us to get more comfortable with the format. Then, at the beginning of June we will schedule our exam review session for a makeup class, after I have worked on composing the exam, at a time which is suitable for everyone. If you have any questions, please e-mail me! I know that the English for Writers and Translators text is not in the copy room, and I’m working on getting it for you next week. But regardless, you should still be working on our good buddies Vince, McCarthy and now Misztal. I’ll let you know when it is available. Hope everyone enjoys the holidays and see you this week.


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