For this week…

Hi gang, hope Easter was a nice break for everyone!

As previously discussed, our Wednesday session this coming week April 8th, will be canceled. We will discuss together a makeup date which suits everyone, and go from there. You know which chapters in Vince and McCarthy (English First Language students only) you have due for when we return. Please, PLEASE, e-mail me with any questions, concerns, general comments about the world, etc.

Students who are working on the Religion packet (English Second Language students) please come to class next week as regularly scheduled, prepared to discuss the major world religions, and additionally, I would like you to copy and begin the previously lost packet on “Media.”

This gives you one full week for this packet, as our next meeting will not be until next week April 13th. Come into class with specific passages, exercises and vocabulary on which you hope to gain clarification. Similarly, your primary responsibility from here on out is vocabulary, and our student presentations will resume in May when we are caught up and feel prepared and confident for the exam.

Hope Easter break was nice for everyone! Did anyone get water thrown at them? I just learned this is a tradition! You guys don’t tell me anything!

In Other News:

In other news, the film club will be meeting on April 15th in Room 105 downstairs, at 5 p.m. The movie I want you to watch before the meeting will be “Jaws“, Steven Spielberg’s first directorial hit and classic American film. If you watch the movie, come to the club to discuss your opinion on the film, and watch some clips and highlights.

The questions you should be thinking of when you watch the movie are listed below. But please, don’t feel you need to take notes or write anything, this is for your enjoyment and enrichment! Not another assignment.

Discussion points for the film, Jaws:

  • What does the shark symbolize? 
  • How does Steven Spielberg build suspense, and what ways do you find most effective? 
  • Which characters change the most and how? 
  • In your opinion, where is “group logic” being used in this film? If you’re not familiar with the term do some digging.
  • This is a quintessential American film, in your opinion, why? 

Footnote: If I am forgetting anything specific which we discussed last week please send me an e-mail and let me know.

Hope the break was great for everyone!


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