Religion, is it a cause or an effect of human suffering?

So…Religion. Some people think it’s this…

Other people think it’s this…

And still others believe this is a stirring display of religiosity…

Let’s face it, we could do this all day. Beyond the major world religions, there are so many schisms, sects and beliefs- it seems sometimes like they outnumber people themselves! But regardless, religion is a sensitive topic. Let’s just go ahead and admit that right now.

It is also one that is tempering the social and political climate of Europe, and most of the world. Talking about religion is one of the most difficult things to do, and we cannot pretend to know all of the answers. However, we can have an informed discussion on religion based on our own knowledge, and share opinions in a constructive way. As a segue from our discussions for the last few weeks on the value of education and creativity, we will begin our conversation on religion with discussing the value of teaching it in schools, and the responsibility of education systems to address questions of religion. Then we will gradually wade into the discussion on religion as a cause or effect of human suffering, which will serve as our essential question for this unit.

You will print and read this article, and be prepared to defend your position regarding Christianity, religion and the intersection of school systems.

Then you will print and read this short article as well. Recently, New York City has become the first major school district to allow school days off for Muslim holidays. Do you think all major world religions should have their holidays incorporated into a public school schedule? Why or why not?

All other questions for this week will be raised, and discussed during class.


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