Assignment #10: After Holiday Break

Ladies and gentlemen, as promised, this is the assignment due when we return on 1/12, 1/14, respectively. For the weeks when we come back from Christmas, we will pick up from our brief recess by wrapping up a discussion on crime and punishment both in America and abroad. We will split this into both crime, and how those crimes are subsequently punished. The beginning of this unit will focus on discussing what factors go into the creation of a criminal. Is criminality an innate instinct someone is born with? Or are there conditions which exist environmentally which groom an individual to become a criminal? Similarly, we toss this word around quite a bit, “crime, crime, crime.” But what exactly is the anatomy of a crime? Surprisingly, most people have very, very different definitions of this idea. So we will start out with the pathology- what makes a criminal, and what makes a crime.

Your vocabulary for this unit is provided in the packets from prior to break. Please become acquainted with these words and phrases, as this will be factored into your oral examination. It is important for you to internalize these phrases however is best for you, and we will spend our class time integrating them into discussions and speaking exercises. Rote memorization will help you only in recall, not in the practice of these phrases- that must be done by trying them out. For our class I would like us to concentrate solely on the first part of this unit. What is a crime? And what makes a criminal? Upon your return, Packet #2 will be due, as well as to read and print the article below, an interview with bestselling author Wes Moore, about his book “The Other Wes Moore.”  and give BRIEF answers to the questions. I also would like you to watch the youtube clip, and come into class prepared to comment on this article, and how it intersects with our discussion on crime and criminality.

Read and Print:


Watch This Youtube Clip:

Please answer the following questions in 3-4 sentences ONLY, in preparation for our discussion. Do NOT write small essays for these! They are only meant to provide background to a broader discussion and get you thinking.

  1. If somebody asked you to define “crime” what would you say? What IS a crime?
  2. What crimes have you committed? (Preferably small ones here!)
  3. Is it easy to commit a crime, or difficult?
  4. Why do people commit crimes?
  5. What does crime and violence look like in Poland?

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