Assignment #3

An open-ended question is defined as an inquiry that is not easily, or simply answered, but one which requires of discussion and reflection. A close-ended question is the exact opposite. It is a question that can be answered by simply asserting a yes or no, or a one- word answer. An example of this could be:


Who won the World Cup this year?

Answer: Germany


Why is soccer so popular with literally the ENTIRE rest of the world, and yet not in the United States?

Answer: Probably lots of reasons, many having to do with national identity, other athletics, social and political trends…I could go on, and on, right?

This is the point of open-ended questions, there IS no easy answer. These questions are ideal for discussions in class, and to help us improve our conversation skills while digesting new information that you, yourselves have helped to generate. Not information or questions give to you by me. This is how learning occurs most authentically, when it is organic. For this week you will prepare a list of 6 open-ended question about how technology and social media impact our lives, language, and interactions with each other. YES. This is VERY BROAD. It is intended to be, to give you more “wiggle room” in thinking of creative, interesting questions for you and your peers to answer. (If you are stuck, try google imaging pictures of technology and society) Here’s an example of a good picture to help you think, and get your mind moving.

People Nowadadys

This week will very much serve as a continuation of our discussions last week, and we will be using open-ended questions to bring up ideas during our discussions that otherwise might be forgotten, or not make it into our conversation. To prepare for class this week I also want you to bring the article we did not fully discuss last class, as well as watch the youtube video below on text messaging and linguistic patterns. Good luck, and if you have any questions please e-mail me!


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